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Company Information

Claremont is a Luxembourgish payroll company.

Claremont – acting as an intermediary on your behalf to manage your contracts, payroll, invoicing and day-to-day activities with agencies and clients.

We have been in the market for many years and continue to provide the same services to thousands of like-minded individuals. Our experience and technology have established us as a market leader in this field.

Solutions - Payroll

You will be on our local payroll and will be provided with a local salary. Not only will we deduct all relevant tax and social security at source but you will also receive a monthly pay slip that details your earnings.

We will pay you a salary that is in line with the work you are doing in that country. We will always provide you with proof of earnings (pay slip) for compliance reasons to satisfy your agency and the relevant tax authority requirements.

Yes, taking into consideration level of earnings, personal circumstances and the country in which the person is working, and is calculated on an individual basis.


You are contracted directly with the contract management company concerned. We will then sign the contracts on your behalf with the company (if you work direct) or your agency.

No, you need to speak directly with your agency to negotiate your contract.

Not only will we check your contract against the terms that have been negotiated with the agency or client but we will also check that clauses are legal and not subject to any administration issues or any risk related to termination.

This is normally agreed with the client/agency before your contract commences.

Once you have signed your contract, you can start sending your timesheets as per your contract conditions.


In order to send an invoice to your agency, we need your timesheet, though in some cases you may be required to send your timesheet to both Claremont and your agency.

Yes as we must receive your timesheet according to your invoicing cycle (week/month). Usually, you will need to send these at the end of each invoicing period.

Yes, in order to confirm the hours/days worked please ensure a supervisor has signed it off.

This is sent by fax, email or post.

Banking / Payments

Yes, an advance can be arranged once we receive the contract, invoice and timesheet but only for the purpose of helping people establish themselves as contractors. We charge a nominal fee of 2% with this service being entirely at the company’s discretion.

Yes, as Luxembourg is a central finance hub we are able to send funds anywhere, globally.

Within two working days of receipt of funds from the agency, though this is also dependent on the agency’s payment terms.


Yes, with a no-charge benefit extended to all contractors working with Claremont.

Management Fees

Management fees are bespoke to each contractor’s chosen solution, and so are also cost effective.

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